You are entering a test laboratory of a special kind: This is about your attitude towards ethically and socially relevant topics. Consider the question of what we as a society want to be able to do!



Technology presentations in science fiction films often take up the current state of research and let viewers speculate about what will be possible in the future. But how realistic are these representations? Estimate here whether and when selected technologies from science fiction films will become reality. Compare your answer with other visitors of the website and with the opinion of an expert.

Are we real? Are we just the product of biological processes or are we more? What is love and what constitutes our identity? Philosophers pursue these questions by other means than biologists or physicists. Their experiments often take place in thoughts. In this way, they also test what could justify certain ethical positions. Here you can become part of the fictitious experiments and see how other visitors of the website have responded.

Electricity can treat illnesses – but what ideas exist on how to help people using electrodes and implanted chips? Learn about neurotechnologies that are being developed for medicine. In this game, you are becoming the decision-maker yourself: Which technology would you like to sponsor?

After sufficient participation, the results of the laboratories appear on the blog and lead to our Science Jams and reports for scientists.

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