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For our activities
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The Nexus Experiments's core mission is participation. We want to allow our audience to exchange information, gain insight into new topics, get to know a different angle of their own work or express opinions on scientific topics. Our way to reach you is primarily our events. Therefore, you will find plenty of opportunities to participate in events on this page - especially if you live in the Freiburg area.

In our events you are not only spectators

Subscribe to the blog or subscribe to the Bernstein-Werkstatt mailing list. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram and feel free to post under the #nexperiment hashtag. Everything that arises between art and neuroscience has its place here!

On this website you will find all the activities of the project until now called "Reaching Out" under the heading "Experiments". The documentary film Störung but also the texts of Annette Pehnt are available on this website in their first release. Feel free to write us on Facebook or by email how you like the site and the individual experiments.

Laboratory or theatre? Encounters are important to us

The "Laboratory" section also allows us to try out participatory content online. Three labs will soon be at your disposal and you can try out how your moral compass is and how well you can assess technologies. In the laboratory "Body funding" you can become a sponsor yourself: In a fictitious crowdfunding you can evaluate real technologies. Your voting results help us to create new events.  

In addition, you can also become active yourself: In section DIY we have prepared manuals and working material, if you want to repeat certain formats in your city. We are always happy to receive feedback and ideas for new events.

Are you a scientist, artist or artist and do you have an idea for a project or cooperation? Please contact us!

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