2020 - 2022
Data Access and Data Use in Medical Institutional and Consumer Health Settings

Big Data
The term ‘big data’ or ‘even bigger data’ is currently present everywhere - but what exactly does it mean and what is Nexus Experiments connection to it?
For the next three years we are part of a research project that will deal with ‘big data’ in medical care and the health sector. The project (DaDuHealth – Data Access and Data Use in Medical Institutional and Consumer Health Settings) is supported by the federal ministry for education and research (BMBF).
We from the Nexus Experiments will discuss social and ethical question around ‘big data’ like:

- What is included in big data?
- Who has access to my data?
- Can I choose what will happen with my data?
- What information is in my data included?
- Can I ask for something in return when I give my data to someone?

In the usual manner, we the researchers and artists will sit together on a (virtual) table to negotiate and deal with ’big data’ from different perspectives. We know that artists have different views on the world and work with different tools than researchers and normal consumer have another distinct view on things.

The current pandemic has risen awareness of the subject of Big Data, more than ever before so we would like to congregate citizens, artists and researchers who are interested in this complex topic.

We would like to ask questions, which have no easy answers, questions which stimulate to find a way through the confusing and overwhelming digital world and help form an opinion.

Our podcast series explains the work of our team, the thinking process behind each project and promotes curiosity about big data.

A course event is already planned for this year, regarding the data usage of Wearables and the final event of the three year running project will be a ‘Data Warehouse’ but we will not give away more….

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