Science Jam

since May 2013
Science Jams are events full of improvisation in which neuroscience findings are presented and discussed with the public in a special way.

These evenings resemble a look inside a test tube: take artistic performance and scientific debate, mix it with a lot of spontaneity and participation, shake it well and you got a science jam. At these events, neuroscience meets art and culture. This joint event series of Nexus Experiments ans Bernstein Center Freiburg aims at communicating science in an unusual setting, to hand scientists and artists a stage to experiment together and to promote a dialog with the public.

Cooperation Partners
Bernstein Center Freiburg
various partners from science and arts
Verschiedene Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler aus Biologie, Informatik, Medizin und Philosophie
More Participants
Target Group
scientists, artists and the public

Most of the Science Jams take place at the old workshop of the Bernstein Center in Freiburg, Germany. Roughly three times a year, alternating with Café Scientifique, we invite the public to participate in this special science events. The Werkstatt is located in the ground floor of this old house in Hansastr.9a, home of the institute in Freiburg. After the jams, the audience mixes with the performers and often stay for more to drink and to further discuss the topic of the evening. Most evening events cover topics from neurosciences, neurotechnology or robotics, that pose societal problems or present art projects that address questions about the brain. This already resulted in Jazz pianists encounter vision researcher, dancer meeting Parkinson’s disease researchers or actors interacting with neurologists.


An evening as
Meeting between
Artists and scientists,
with a lot of improvisation and interaction.

Science jams on the subject of language and enhancement

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Videos of the Science Jams (in German)

Gehirnwellenreiten mit Ullo von Peinen und Matthias Lodt
Science Jam No. 7
Digitilized body
Science Jam No. 6
Dancer and musicians improvising as preparation for a science jam: The dancer's movements are recorded and transformed into a digital avatar.
Cooperation Partners
Involved Participants
  • Verschiedene Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler aus Biologie, Informatik, Medizin und Philosophie
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