Technology in the Brain

November 2012
The event »Technology in the Brain: What do we want to be able to do?« presented neurotechnology interactively in a »Pointing Science« format at the start of the Excellence Cluster BrainLinks-BrainTools.

Researchers from various disciplines took part in this multimedia evening to answer the different questions of the audience. Under the direction of Roman Brinzanik and Tobias Hülswitt, the audience was able to help shape how topics of conversation and discussion developed by means of SMS and live-polling.

Cooperation Partners
Tobias Hülswitt and Roman Brinzanik
Target Group
scientists, public
Technology in the brain – what do we want to be able to do?
Interactive evening
Theater Freiburg
»Pointing Science« is an event series of the KörberForum Hamburg. Together with scientists, artists and philosophers, current future scenarios of science and technology are explored. Two live experts, other interview partners in film clips and the audience have equal say. The audience decides on the progress of the conversation by means of a laser pointer.
Cooperation partners
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