Documentary film »Störung«

2015 to 2016
In this »Artist in Residence« program artists get access to labs and research groups at the Cluster of Excellence BrainLinks-BrainTools to inspire their artistic work. In 2015, the Isreali filmmaker Maya Rothschild produced the movie »Störung« about the cluster’s research on Parkinson’s disease and the dance/science project »Störung/Hafraah«.

Israeli filmmaker Maya Rothschild and her team (Yoram Millo: camera; Amir Boverman: sound) came to Freiburg several times over the project period of »Störung/Hafraah«. The film not only documents this science/dance project but provides also insight into the cluster’s work on assistive systems for patients with movement disorders. The perspective of the patients and the scientists is brought together, underlining how patients’ needs and scientific efforts are interwoven. The film of 30 minutes lengths with the title »Störung« was shown at the final conference of the project at Theater Freiburg, in the Mandel Cultural Center in Tel Aviv and at Tanzhaus NRW.

Cooperation Partners
Theater Freiburg, Yasmeen Godder Company Tel Aviv, Deutsch-Israelisches Zukunftsforum
Prof. Dr. Ad Aertsen Prof. Dr. Wolfram Burgard Prof. Dr. Volker Coenen Prof. Dr. Ulrich Egert
More Participants
Target Group
international public, patients and relatives, artists

This movie by Maya Rothschild documents the Nexus project Störung/Hafraah.

Involved Participants
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