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November 2016 to February 2017
During the exhibition »HERBERT MAIER. wer wir sind« at the Museum of Modern Art Freiburg, we offered two public evening events dealing from two scientific perspectives (Computer Science and Neuroscience) with the question: »How does the brain interpret images and faces?« The scientists gave talks on their research topic at the museum and exchanged views with the artist Herbert Maier and the public afterwards.

The goal was to converge the audiences of both the Bernstein-Werkstatt and the Museum of Modern Art as well as to give the artist and the scientists the opportunity to exchange aspects of their work that overlap. On both evenings, the discussions glided towards more general ethical and societal discussions on the definition of art in a copy/past society and the emergence of artificial intelligence. On the second evening, the discussion gravitated around the question of whether a software is able to produce original art and can obtain the title of an artist. Next to attending the talks, the public was also invited to visit the exhibition together with the artist and the scientist.

Cooperation Partners
Museum für Neue Kunst Freiburg
Target Group
public interested in science topics, art topics or their intersection
»Imaging im Kopf« – Lecture and Discussion at the Museum of Modern Art Freiburg
Talk with Graphic Recording
Prof. Dr. Michael Bach presented research on optical illusions and discussed with the artist Herbert Maier how context and prior knowledge can influence what you see and what you are.
Ludmilla Barscht documented the talk by Michael Bach in sketches and comics.
»mit geschultem Computerauge« (»the educated computer vision«) – Lecture and discussion at the Museum of Modern Art Freiburg
lecture with a guided tour through the exhibition by the artist
Dr. Joschka Bödecker from the Machine Learning Lab of BrainLinks-BrainTools presented how computers and robots see. What does a software recognize in a portrait?

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