Would you like to organize your own Nexus events? Science enthusiasts, communicators and teachers will find material and instructions and ideas for events, quizzes or ethics role plays.

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Brain Quiz

This is a little game for all friends of trivia quizzes and brain facts addicts: These questions (and answers) about the brain were created for a pub quiz at the Bernstein-Werkstatt Freiburg. There's a pub quiz in every town and you can probably ask the questions there - or organize your own brain quiz! Some questions are also suitable for teaching. Have a look!

Quiz: Questions and Answers

How can I plan a «science fiction in a reality check» evening?

Do you want to plan an evening in which you put science fiction fantasy to the test? How realistic is a phaser, teleportation or the holodeck? You can find out more about how to organize such an evening here:

Science Fiction in a Reality Check Manual

How to plan a Science Jam

A science jam is the scientific/artistic experiment par excellence, a petri dish for ideas from artists who are interested in science and for ideas from scientists who are on fire for art. This is how you prepare for a jam:

Science Jam Manual

Roleplay: Ethics Committee

With this guide and the role cards you will learn about the ethical discussion on the application of neurotechnologies in patients. In this case, it is about deep brain stimulation: Should a patient have to give up this treatment because of the side effects? The Ethics Committee should decide. This material can be usefull for teachers to prepare a class on ethics and medecin.

Role Cards and Manual
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